Our Story

Some ideas just come to you, some plans just crystallize all of a sudden. The idea for Drivelogues is certainly one of those. Drivelogues started in 2016 when a few of us met over coffee. We all had one thing in common. We loved travelling. So naturally, travel plans were the preferred topic of conversation. It was Arun who suggested the idea of a driving holiday. All of us had, at some point, thought of going on a really long drive. An all India drive seemed like the ultimate adventure. Who wouldn’t want to explore the forested Western Ghats, and the snow capped Himalayas all in the same drive.

At some point, we agreed that it is best to start our drive at the earliest. After all, we will always have jobs, bills, and other responsibilities. The present is as good a time as any. We decided to start a blog (this blog) so that we can keep each other, and anyone else interested, updated about the trip’s progress. Our friend Gadhi helped us out with an amazing logo. This is how drivelogues.com was born. And soon, it was time to start our adventure.

We started by mid August and returned by mid October, 2016. From Kerala, we climbed up through the scenic Western coast. We then explored Central India and the lower Himalayan region before coming back South along the Eastern coast. Since we were not looking for a typical holiday, we decided to stay with friends (or friends of friends of friends!) wherever we go. If we could not find a place, we stayed in the most unique places we could find, ranging from an NGO run school in Gaya (where we celebrated Onam with the kids) to a kite surfing school in Rameswaram (where we had awesome crab for dinner and learnt about slacklining).

Never in a hurry, we took detours and stayed in many places longer than we planned to. Our one and only designated driver (Arun) had to take his beloved Swift Dzire through the pothole ridden roads of Bihar (which reminded us of the moon) and the muddy roads of Sikkim where we encountered a couple of minor landslides. We also got to drive the Yamuna Expressway, the scenic Puri – Konkan coastal road, the Mumbai-Pune expressway, and the East – West corridor. In the end, we spent 65 days on the road and covered nearly 12,000 km.

We soon realized that travel is addictive. Combine that with the feeling of freedom that open roads can give, and you have a serious problem at hand. So naturally, we are planning our new trips and we hope to keep adding more adventures to this space. We would love it if you Subscribe to this blog, so that we can keep you updated of our progress. Or, you can find us on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter